I wrote Oscillation in early 2021 and employed Superior Drummer 3.
Nina street was the epicenter of adventure; it was ground-zero for numerous escapades.
Originally written in 2011, this relatively old track is one I revisit periodically.
Rather than comparing and contrasting the camps between realism and nominalism, let us start with a blank slate and avoid the past's muddy waters.
This track has two different themes, an upbeat one, and a more brooding variation. I liken […]
We participated in many pranks before and after, but this was our magnum opus.
I wrote The Cover of Night in 2014, and it's the only track I have ever mastered so well initially that I never touched it again.
Cover of The Chase from the Movie Midnight Express
Written in 2015, I reworked an old favorite for 2020.
I wrote Spinning in May, of 2020. I noticed a subtle dissonance between the arpeggio scale […]
In the movie, Knowing, there are a couple of thought-provoking philosophical moments.
Here's an annoying obstacle to the nontheist with explanations from the weak to the bizarre.
What is intelligent design? Is it science, or is it nonsense?
What is the point? What is our objective as insiders when debating the age of the universe?
I had no money and no plan. I just knew I wanted to be an engineer.
New Atheism is not unlike the old, except its members tolerate religion less and ridicule it […]
Reviewers were irritated over certain theological concepts presented in the film. In other words, I had to see it!
Euclid had little to do with Lincoln's view of equality. Hollywood got it wrong.
Restraint is clearly out of fashion these days, nevertheless, here are my views on pot.
I did not expect the extreme worldview makeover on my horizon. I thought things were going exceedingly well.