Unless you are an ancient Hebrew, Ebenezer is a strange word. You may have stumbled upon it in […]
There is only one who is preeminent (Colossians 1:15-19).
Too often, a series of smaller poor choices lead to our worst ones.
This track uses the latest version of Izotope Ozone (version 10) and its new stabilizer plug-in.
For a righteous man may fall seven times and rise again, but the wicked shall fall by calamity.
Indeed God is more creative than we give Him credit. There's little doubt in my mind that we have cosmic neighbors nearby.
Kite-foiling the forgotten coast right in my front yard.
Based on the bedtime stories told when the girls were little. The illustrations are by the family.
Let's wade into uncharted waters and consider an uncommon and unsettled question: Can God be surprised?
I wrote this song for an upcoming kite-foiling video.
I usually gravitate to the black keys. But that makes it challenging to write something uplifting […]
I love flight, from kites and boomerangs to rockets and planes.
The Roland TB-303 Bass hit the market in 1981 and became a staple in early 90s electronic music. […]
This track is pure EDM (electronic dance music): No complex melodies. No chord progressions. Sounds simple right? Not really.
As I wrote S-Curve in early 2022, I settled on a Spanish feel using a Phrygian […]
A terrifying and powerfully destructive event may lead to the creation of life's necessities.
I wrote Entanglement in December of 2021 trying something a little harder than what I'm used to.
God bestowed a great privilege to His creatures; the dignity of causality.
I wrote Singularly on the twentieth anniversary of 911 to create a sense of intention and focus on what is essential and worthwhile.
This track kept drawing me back to ancient near east history I am currently studying, specifically […]