Obsidian exemplifies the relentless power of chaos and entropy. When molten glass cools rapidly, it produces an amorphous rock with few crystals. It is generally dark and featureless. Order is transformed into disorder under the forces of natural law. Obsidian represents the way things tend in the natural world.

Similarly, in the spiritual world, the man left to his own devices tends to darkness. He drifts into chaos and away from the Logos. When we get into a self-centered groove, our attention is pulled inward. We do not glorify God, nor do we give Him thanks, but instead become vain in our reasoning as our heart is darkened. (Rom 1:21)

I was inspired as I wrote this song by this law of corruption. The piece lays out the familiar pattern. We go about our routine, and after a few missteps in, we find a groove, a repetition that slowly draws us away from the light. If we do not turn back, we may see the spiritual-man has fallen into decay and entropy.