I love the goa and psytrance music era of the late 90s. So I decided to do something a little different. This track is pure EDM (electronic dance music): No complex melodies. No chord progressions. Sounds simple right? Not really. I love this genre because it’s pretty technical and fun to write. It’s all about space – both frequency spectrum and spatial placement. It’s about layering pieces together, so they don’t step on each other. It’s about controlling how much energy goes to the listener across space and time so that the brain doesn’t get burned out. This kind of music requires a ton of automation — that is, the software (DAW – digital audio workstation) must shift parts spatially and automate timbres to use the spectrum efficiently. A plugin like Tonal Balance Control ensures no portion of the frequency range overwhelms the listener. So, even though the musicality is minimal, the technical side is significant. I’d have to extend parts out for use on the dance floor. But since I’m just having fun, it’s shorter. Headphones required!