Euclid had little to do with Lincoln's view of equality. Hollywood got it wrong.
Restraint is clearly out of fashion these days, nevertheless, here are my views on pot.
I did not expect the extreme worldview makeover on my horizon. I thought things were going exceedingly well.
What is an ideology? Is it conceivable or even desirable to rid ourselves of them entirely?
What are wisdom and foolishness and why do fools deny God?
Why we should never use the phrase: "I don't know, but I know you don't know."
We readily reject a sound-argument if we do not believe one or more of the premises.
I didn't pursue music at all growing up. I wanted to be an electronic engineer.
As a white male, how do I know I'm not a racist?
I bought my first LP in 1980, The Pleasure Principle, by Gary Numan because of his hit: Cars.